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 SHOT Show Day 1 Report

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PostSubject: SHOT Show Day 1 Report   Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:25 am

Today is the opening day of SHOT Show. Very excited to see what's new, who's new, and what exciting products are being shown for the first time. This year I have set up appointments with a few companies we have been chatting with throughout the past year.....
Carson, Sellmark, Kowa & AIM Sport. We are looking to expand our offerings this year. Looking forward to what this week will bring.

Day 1:

My first meeting was over at Vortex .
I kick off SHOT Show every year with Vortex. We have an amazing relationship with Vortex and I love seeing these guys.
The new products that were announced are very exciting, as they always are.....
Basically the entire PST line of riflescopes has been replaced with a Gen II series....
"This updated favorite hands an unfair advantage to shooters who seek to keep the upper hand in every situation from close quarters to long-range shots. The illumination dial is cleanly integrated into the side focus adjustment knob for easy access and streamlined performance. The glass-etched reticle offers shooters highly functional, intuitive, and detailed hold points, yet remains uncluttered for optimal viewing and features 10 intensity levels with off positions between each setting."
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 FFP - EBR-2C MRAD, Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 FFP - EBR-2C MOA & Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 - EBR-4 MOA
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 FFP - EBR-2C MRAD, Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 FFP - EBR-2C MOA & Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 - EBR-4 MOA
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 2-10x32 FFP - EBR-4 MRAD & Vortex Viper PST Gen II 2-10x32 FFP - EBR-4 MOA
The expected delivery time for these new Gen II's is Mid March.

In the original PST's we do still have a few:
Viper PST 4-16x50 FFP - EBR-1 MRAD #PST-416F1-M reduced to $749.99
Viper PST 2.5-10x44 - EBR-1 MRAD #PST-210S1-M
Viper PST 1-4x24 - TMCQ MOA Capped #PST-43111 reduced to $399.99

Before I left for SHOT I was asked on one of the forums what the upgrade is on the new Gen II PST's. I asked our Vortex Tech rep and he replied:
"The new Gen.II PST is altogether a new unit, both optically and mechanically. Starting with the turret system, we’ve integrated our famous RZR-system, borrowed from the Gen.1 5-20x50. Optically, the new Gen.II boasts an unquestionably improved optical-system, yielding significantly better edge-to-edge clarity, contrast, and low-light performance. The illumination controls have been relocated to the parallax knob, which has had its range of operation increased as well. We’ve added a new reticle to the line, the EBR-4, and overall, travel has increased slightly. The new 1-6x24 is a remarkable contrast to the 1-4x24, and altogether, the differences outnumber the similarities."
Seems like they've been taking upgrades quite seriously Smile

They've added a couple of Tactical Diamondback 1" Tube Scopes for an affordable tactical option($299.99 / $279.99 and arriving in just a couple of weeks):
Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-12x40 - VMR-1
Vortex Diamondback Tactical 3-9x40 - VMR-1
"Exposed tactical turrets built for dialing elevation and windage allow quick and precise bullet drop and wind drift compensation at extended ranges. When we say precise—we mean it. These turrets track better than any Bloodhound and reliably return to zero every time. A zero-reset feature lets you re-index the zero reference marks on both turrets after sight in, while fiber optic rotation indicators integrated into the turrets provide a visual cue of your turret’s position."

In Red Dot Sights they've added the:
Venom Red Dot - 6 MOA Dot "A 6 MOA dot promotes rapid target acquisition, while providing a precise point of aim—getting shots down range and on target fast." At $229.99 I think this is a homerun addition to this field of sights.
Razor AMG UH-1 Holographic Sight - 1 MOA Dot "The incredible features of the Razor®️ AMG™️ UH-1™️ are matched only by its tough, tenacious performance. Absolute zero distortion and an impressive sight picture with unobstructed view ensure rapid, instinctual target acquisition.
The shatterproof XR plus fully multi-coated windows and holographic elements are incredibly durable and promote optimal light transmission. All sensitive components are protected in the base of the sight, increasing durability, while eliminating the need for an obstructive secondary shroud."
At $499.99 I think it's a winner

**Super Exciting** - Vortex Fury HD 10x42 Rangefinding Binocular LRF300 Finally a quality, reasonably priced ($1199.99) 10x42 Rangefinding binocular. "High quality optics and long-distance ranging capability come to together in our all-new Fury™️ HD 10x42 Laser Rangefinding Binocular. Convenience, speed, efficiency, and valuable dual-purpose functionality—all the advantages of a high-definition binocular perfectly paired with an angle compensated rangefinder. Right side controls are simple to use and easily manipulated with a single hand – leaving your other hand free to hold your bow, rifle, or other important piece of equipment.
The Fury uses HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) angle-compensated ranging technology to give bow and rifle shooters the critical distance data needed to make accurate shots. Capable of ranging reflective targets to 1600 yards with an ultra-fast readout."

Once again they have done something untraditional and lowered prices on some popular items...
The Ranger 1000 & Ranger 1500 laser rangefinders
All of the Viper HD binoculars have been reduced in price, as well as all of the Crossfire binocular series.

FYI, We have confirmed a good stock of the Viper 6.5-20x50 Riflescopes in your choice of BDC or MilDot @ $299.99 reduced from $469.99.

Stop # 2 of the morning was with Swarovski or should I now say Swarovski/Kahles

Those of you who have been around a while know that Swarovski distributed Kahles in the USA years ago and then that stopped. Well now that is the arrangement again and the Kahles products are very exciting.
Their Riflescopes include 3 sizes:
The 6-24x56 has a unique way of being offered....Your choice of Right or Left side windage adjustment
These scopes are all FFP with illuminated reticles.
There are 5 different reticles, however, I believe the most popular one will be the SKMR3 which is a Christmas tree configuration:
0.5 Mil increments on vertical
0.2 MIL increments on main horizontal
0.5 MIL increments on marker bars

On the Swarovski side of things they had such an overwhelming demand for their Z6, Z6i & Z5 Riflescopes during their end of the year Anniversary Sale that they decided to keep these reduced prices going forward into 2017. So nice to see a company lower prices on great products.
They also have begun a promotion on their X5 and X5i Riflescopes reducing the pricing on these fantastic scopes.

It's a power morning with all the big companies. Next stop was Leupold I was hoping they had something as game changing as their VX3i Riflescopes that they showed us last year. I was beyond not disappointed. These guys have it together in a big way. So much going on over here.....

"The all new Leupold LTO-Tracker thermal viewer allows hunters to get a greater understanding of their surroundings and have greater success recovering game long after the sun goes down. The compact LTO-Tracker is only 5.6 inches long and weighs less than 10 ounces, allowing it to be carried comfortably in a pant pocket. While the easy to find CR123 battery delivers 10 hours of continuous operation. Equipped with a 6x digital zoom and 21 degree field of view, this thermal device will detect game up to 600 yards away. The LTO has 6 color palettes to choose from and a user controlled reticle for greater viewing precision. The Leupold LTO-Tracker is Designed, Machined, and Assembled in the United States and backed by the Leupold 5 Year Electronics Warranty." Only $699.99 and something you've got to check out.
This is the SHOT Show product to see. OH, nice extra added bonus, totally made in the USA Smile

"The new BX-2 Tioga™️ HD binoculars have the versatility you need in an affordable package, with an added edge.
Extra-low dispersion (HD) lenses and the Twilight Max Light Management System combine to give you a crisp image,
vibrant color, and optimal contrast in harsh or poor light. Includes GO Afield shoulder strap and binocular case, lens
covers, and lens cloth." Available in all sizes from 8x32-12x50 and in both black and camo I think this will become their main line staple binocular. Priced from $249.99 - $399.99 they'll be taking a bite out of the binocular business in 2017, IMO. It's the same type of addition that last years VX-3i riflescopes were in that price point.OH great news, Leupold listened to the consumers and finally are including a great binocular case and nice strap with all their binoculars. A great improvement over what they were including, you'll be very happy.

Some of you may have already heard some about their new VX-3i LRP (Long Range Precision) riflescopes "When long range hunters, shooters, or precision rifle competitors need extreme accuracy, the VX-3i LRP delivers. The Twilight Max light management system lets you hunt longer, or pick out distant
targets from the shadows with unsurpassed clarity and resolution. Choose first or second focal plane reticles in
MOA or MIL, with matching adjustment increments to match your specific shooting style. The all new elevation
adjustment features a unique travel indicator and adjustable zero stop. The windage dial features a protective cover
that can be replaced with the included thread protector if you prefer running an exposed dial. A redesigned power
selector with included throw lever makes magnification changes quick and easy. The VX-3i LRP defines Versatility."
I feel that this scope series is Leupolds answer to the sub $1000.00 LR Optic offering both 1st and 2nd FP and MOA & MRAD choices. It also features metal on metal zero stop.
Leupold heard little feature requests when building this scope. If you prefer to leave the windage cap off they included a thread protector. Let's you go cap on or cap on while still keeping the threads in tact. They are even including a throw lever in with these great scopes. A nice touches all around.
FYI, for those of you who have wrongly assumed this is a replacement for the Mark 4 you are incorrect. There is a Mark 4 replacement coming mid year. Not a Mark 6, lol, I'm sure you can figure this out Smile

Lastly, is the VX-6HD which is the upgrade replacement to the VX-6.
"The VX-6HD is taking optical performance to a whole new level. We gave it a High-Definition optical system for sharpened clarity, and the Twilight Max™️ Light Management System for even greater low-light performance, giving hunters a visible advantage at dawn and dusk when the biggest game is on the move. The new CDS-ZL2 (Custom Dial System ZeroLock 2) elevation and ZeroLock windage dial lock in place so they cannot be inadvertently rotated off their zero. A mere press of a button will allow the user to dial up two turns of elevation, if necessary. On the 2nd revolution of the elevation dial, the button sinks in to show you are on the 2nd turn so you can dial for extended ranges and never lose your place. All VX-6HD CDS-ZL2 riflescopes include one free Custom Ballistic Dial with purchase. To make scope mounting even easier, we added an in-scope Electronic Reticle Level indicator for precise leveling, and a throw lever for fast magnification changes, right or left handed. All VX-6HD scopes include illuminated reticles with an easy to use 1 button intensity adjustment.

OH, wanting you to get some fantastic SHOT Show deals Leupold hooked us up with their #170262 BX-3 Mojave Pro Guide HD 10x42mm Binocular to offer you at only $379.99 reduced $200.00 from $579.99. I alerted my web master to get this posted on our site, however, until he does just call us @ 516-217-1000 to place an order

Next in my power morning was Meopta. The past couple of years we have really expanded our business with Meopta.
If you recall a couple of years ago we arranged an exclusive scope:
Meopta MeoPro 3.5-10x44 Plex GDLE which we reduced in price from $649.99 to only $349.99 Yes, for those of you who know me and have figured it out GDLE stands for Gr8fulDoug Limited Edition. We again confirmed to continue to offer these scopes at that very low price which I think is great. We have also arranged to include the neoprene scopecoat with it at no additional charge to you.

In new products they introduced:

It's newest tactical riflescope – the 34mm MeoTac®️ 3-12x50 RD.
"Designed for use on assault rifles, the MeoTac 3-12x50 RD is an excellent scope for medium-range engagement and engineered to meet the needs of armed forces, security details and tactical shooters worldwide.
This scope features MeoLux™️, Meopta’s most advanced lens coating. MeoLux, combined with Schott glass and expert design, enables 99.8% light transmission per lens surface allowing users to see better and longer in the most challenging light. The solid 34mm aircraft-grade aluminum tube allows for expansive windage and elevation ranges of 55 MOA and 100 MOA respectively with click adjustments of 1/3 MOA. The illuminated MilDot 3 RD reticle, located in the first focal plane, enables use of the rangefinding elements of the reticle on any power setting. The new MeoTac 3-12x50 RD also features precision tactical mil-mil turrets with a large grip, easily distinguishable positive clicks and a zero-stop function.
The side-focus parallax adjustment ranges from 27 yards to infinity and the integrated illumination control is also located on the side of the center of the scope, making adjustment in the field quick, easy and convenient. The RD illumination system features a highly defined illuminated red dot reticle with 16 reticle intensity settings for all light conditions and intermediate off positions between every setting. The auto-off function will switch the illumination off if unused for one hour." This new scope is priced at $1999.99. It seems to be a great scope, and Meopta has always made a fantastic product (which is why Zeiss had them making the Conquests all those years), however, I'm not sure if the market place sees Meopta as a $2000.00 tactical scope company. Please share your thoiughts with me

MeoRed Reflex Sight
"The MeoRed features high-quality optics and a lower profile than its predecessor, the MeoSight III, allowing users to co-witness with most iron sights. Parallax free and weighing just over an ounce, this sight is ideal for fast, close-quarter target acquisition with both eyes open and accurate shooting on the move.
Designed for use on handguns with cutout slides, AR platforms or shotguns, the MeoRed is well suited for tactical use as well as three-gun competitions, target shooting and hunting close-range moving game such as hogs. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and is fully waterproof and shockproof. The MeoRed comes with an integrated MIL-STD 1913 mount in addition to an interface plate for a Docter mount and features easy to use windage (180 MOA) and elevation (120 MOA) adjustments. Illumination of the 3 MOA red dot is activated by pushing the control button located on the left side of the sight and the brightness level of the red dot is continuous and easily adjustable. To turn the unit off, press the button and hold.
The MeoRed is powered by one CR 2032 battery for up to 300 hours of run time and features a low battery indicator dot that signals when the battery is running low. There is also an auto-off function that turns the unit off after three hours of continuous operation if the function button has not been touched. The battery compartment is on the right side of the sight and can be accessed without taking the sight off the gun. It is secured with two screws ensuring constant battery contact during extreme recoil."
Priced at $499.99

Meopta expanded their bullet drop compensation (BDC) reticle offerings in select riflescopes for 2017.
The MeoStar R2 1-6x24 RD and MeoStar R1r 3-12x56 RD are now available with two new BDC reticles – the BDC-2 or BDC-3 – with illuminated red dot. Both of these BDC reticles are located in the second focal plane.
The BDC-2 reticle provides holdover out to 800 yards while the BDC-3 reticle provides holdover options out to 500 yards and features hold points for wind correction equating to 10 mph along the horizontal axis of the major yardage lines.

Next up was a visit over at ScopeCoat We have always done a steady business with them. They make a great product, priced right and basically it's a very inexpensive way to keep your gear clean and protected.
Apparently in the past year the new owner has expanded big time and now the parent company is "Sentry Live to Protect". Lots of cool products all designed to keep your gear clean and protected.
Bags and Packs
Cleaning Lubrication
Firearms Covers
Optics Covers
We discussed all these new additions and will be working with them and our web master to get these products onto our web site. Stay tuned for more.

One last stop today at Carson to see what's new. Last year we brought in the Carson HOOKUPZ™️ 2.0 which is a great and easy way to turn pretty much anything into a discope able product. I was curious to see what else they had to expand our accessory offerings.
I was intrigued by their RD Series binoculars. They are a new series for them with powers from 8x26 through 10x50. They seem nice enough for a basic binocular. Designed to look like a Swarovski and priced at $75-$150.00. I'm thinking about bringing them in as our entry level binocular as I feel they are a good unit whos quality appears better than the price suggests.

I cannot believe I scheduled so many meetings for the first day. You'd have thought I would have learned after last year. Once again I will say.....Never again.
Remembering from years past how great it felt on my dried out throat I stopped on the way back to my room for an ice cream cone. I went with Birthday Cake flavor and it was as great as it was last year. Great choice.

OK, Day 1 done. Tomorrow is another day Smile

If I can answer anything for you, as always, it will be my pleasure.
As always, thank you for all the support we receive. We are nothing without you, and we know that.
Have a great day

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.

Please visit our web site @ www.cameralandny.com

Please visit www.PelagicOutfitters.com for your Fishing Tackle needs
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SHOT Show Day 1 Report
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